Jane F. Patriquin

National/major Advertising Sales, Portland Press Herald/masthead Maine



Editor and Publisher



How did you get your start in media sales? After graduating from St. Josephs’ College of Maine, my family encouraged me to apply at The Boston Globe. My great-uncle, George Minot, was the managing editor of The Herald-traveler in Boston. In addition, my father and uncle were both photographers for the Record American, The Herald-traveler and other publications over the years. So, I have newspaper ink in my blood. I joined the advertising staff of The Boston Globe in 1978 and started in classified advertising in the real estate group. During my 23 years at The Boston Globe, I moved around from various classified inside sales positions in help wanted, automotive and outbound sales and then did a brief stint as the sales supervisor of the automotive team. After that, opportunities arose to work in outside sales at The Boston Globe, focusing on local regional accounts specializing in colleges, banks and retail accounts. After a buyout in 2001, I moved onward and stayed in advertising. I moved to Foster’s Daily Democrat in 2002 thru 2004 in retail advertising and found working for a small paper very educational. Then I started at The Portland Press Herald in Feb. 2004 in retail outside sales and was promoted in 2006 to national advertising sales. So, I am now on the horizon of my 18th year at The Portland Press Herald / Masthead Maine. Who had the most influence in helping you become successful in sales? The environment at The Boston Globe had us always learning and participating in seminars. As to who had the most influence, I think