Editor & Publisher - 2021-10-01




Saved time “The biggest gain is that there’s less waiting time,” Andrew said. Enhanced productivity and efficiency “There was a feeling that we gained up to 50 percent productivity,” said Andrew. “It’s definitely given us much more capacity from a sales and art department standpoint; we’ve been able to do more spec ads. Also, we were able to free up two of the front office’s admin people to help in the circulation department. It’s given us back basically 40 hours of availability during the course of the week.” Greater visibility Thanks to the paperless workflow, the art department manager can now see what each designer is working on and what ads are being produced. The display coordinator can also use the system to track workflow farther out than before from a more comprehensive perspective. More manageable workloads and deadlines Deadlines mean big spikes in the workload that follows a traditional, manual workflow. However, SCS’S paperless workflow “has allowed us to level out that workflow to make it a little bit more even,” said Andrew. “We’re always busy, but this just allows us to manage it much better.”


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