Editor & Publisher - 2021-10-01




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Tom has 42 years of experience in newspaper operations for many of the leading news publishers in the country. He has a vast knowledge of Press/newsprint/plate/preprint Operations and Logistics. Tom’s knowledge and experience in the field allows him to work directly with the Operations Staff to manage their waste efficiently, reduce costs, increase revenue, and add any necessary equipment to improve the process. Cellmark Recycling works with our partners daily to build solutions for recycling waste and improving the environment. Custom Tailored Programs • Building custom recycling and waste program for all sites based on their unique needs. • Monitoring waste flow to make process improvement cost reduction recommendations. • Understanding our partner’s business to help them reduce waste and increase revenues. • Cost benefit analysis so our partners can make the best choices. • Finding new revenue streams by turning waste into recyclables. Green Consulting • Advice on recyclability of new product streams. • Helping to build Circular economies. • Working towards Zero Waste. • Green Certifications. • Utilizing Green Marketing. Streamlined Process • One point of contact for all locations. • Payment issued from one central office. • Back up documentation and reporting. • Partners in all 50 states and 125 countries.


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