Editor & Publisher - 2021-10-01


DEVLYN BROOKS President - Modulist

OPERATIONS 701-241-5545

Devlyn Brooks is president of Modulist, which he founded for the family-owned Forum Communications Co., headquartered in Fargo, N.D. Modulist processes 17 different categories of paid and unpaid content for all media. Modulist's tagline is “Publish Life’s Stories.” And that is our mission: matching people and businesses wanting to publish their stories in local media. We provide a world-class online portal where clients submit their content, such as obituaries, milestones, business announcements and paid letters to the editor directly to one or multiple media outlets, with a single transaction. We collect the payment up front from the consumer; they build their ad in our intuitive and user-friendly portal; we do the quality assurance on the order; and then we provide a pdf for printed publications and export a digital file for content management systems. Most importantly, our process assures that you keep your community content on your platforms.


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