Editor & Publisher - 2021-10-01


Annual Meeting Brings Newspaper Leaders Together


Dean Ridings

This October marks the 2nd anniversary of the merger of Inland Press and SNPA to form America’s Newspapers. While the pandemic has shadow community… but , there has been significant accomplishments of our new organization as we work to serve our newspaper members. Our webinars have been attended by more than 10,000 professionals, our marketing campaigns downloaded by more than 2,500 users (many representing dozens of newspapers) and our editorials have been published in hundreds of markets, all in pursuit of educating and promoting the value of local newspapers. At its onset, America’s Newspapers was constructed with a mission to be "the Voice of Newspapers" and to serve as the leading advocate on those issues most important to our members and the industry. We are proud of our members’ engagement; they have helped us bring national awareness to areas of concern as we continuously engage with government leaders on a wide range of legislative issues to protect newspapers. Most notably, the Local Journalism Sustainability Act has shined a light on the importance of newspapers and, with the help of our members across the country, has gained bipartisan support in Congress. We very much appreciate our members’ support and their willingness to make many phone calls and send emails to their legislators. On Oct. 17-19, America’s Newspapers will bring together our board of directors, along with other newspaper executives from corporate, independent and family-owned newspapers, to meet in Colorado Springs at our Senior Leadership Conference. Like all America’s Newspapers efforts, this meeting will be focused on the future of newspapers and how we can work together to ensure local newspapers remain a vibrant part of their communities. We sincerely thank all of our newspaper members and our Solutions Partners for their ongoing support and the critical role they play in the industry’s success. We look forward to working together for the good of the industry for many years to come.


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