Marg Jackson

Editor, 209 Multimedia Education: Mohawk Valley Community College and SUNY Cobleskill, studied journalism and early childhood education



Editor and Publisher


Marg Jackson was nominated by not one but two of her employees. They called her “an outstanding human” who “uplifts everyone around her.” Her passion for local journalism and commitment to the communities she serves shined through in both nominations. “She has dedicated more than two decades of her life to this incredible passion and has singlehandedly run not one but three different publications simultaneously.” Her example has made a huge difference in her communities and the lives of her employees. What advice do you have for other young professionals who aspire to become an editor extraordinaire? Be open-minded, flexible and willing to learn. Never assume you know the answer to what seems to be a simple question and always ask people how to spell their first and last name. Trust your instincts, maintain integrity and don’t underestimate the impact of the written word. In a world fraught with ‘fake news,’ make it your mission to be factual, fair and reliable. How do you motivate your staff during challenging times? We have a small but dedicated staff for the three newspapers we handle out of the Oakdale, California office. I believe the motivation I provide is by doing, leading by example, not through inspirational talks or email blasts. We are committed to our communities, covering all aspects of life from the garden club meeting to the high school sports to the big crime and fire stories. We include it all, and even in the challenge at the height of the pandemic when many of these activities were shut down, my goal was always to let my staff know we remained an important lifeline to the community, perhaps even more than usual, as we kept readers informed and entertained by digging deeper and finding stories and photos to fill the pages each week.