Lee H. Purdy

Sales Account Executive, City Pulse



Editor and Publisher



How did you get your start in media sales? It started four years ago (with a) total chance encounter with Berl (Schwartz), the owner of City Pulse. Who had the most influence in helping you become successful in sales? The City Pulse Team — Berl, Suzi, Rich, Abby, and Skyler — all encouraged me, forgave my mistakes (I made many.) and taught me skills that I needed. Without the feeling of family in this organization, the results could have been drastically different. People buy from people they like, and the same goes for working hard. It is much easier to work hard for an organization that is fun to be a part of. What advice would you give to others struggling with media sales or those who have become frustrated with the new digital solutions they must master to represent their company to advertisers? Don’t give up. Remember who you work for — your clients — and keep that as your focus. The more you learn about the digital solutions, which are part of our new landscape, the more helpful you can be to your clients. The next sale is just around the corner. Always. Success builds. Is there a single sales book, video, or sales trainer you recommend to others? Pro Max Training with Kelly Wirges.